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Living Our Values

Binge-Thinking-FinalWhether they are handed down, newly discovered or continually refined, values represent the elemental building blocks of our character. While in many cases they are something we share, the specific combination of values we choose as our own is a personal signature and working definition of who we are and what we stand for.

Living Our Values is a weeklong celebration of individuality at Wake Forest, and how our collective values define the identity of both our school and community. In the classroom, on the field and in social situations, the way we carry ourselves speaks volumes. As a University, it is our priority to maintain a vibrant and safe campus community for all students that emphasizes inclusion, understanding and common sense.

Alcohol-related incidents are a very real threat on many of our nation’s college campuses, and one that Wake Forest takes very seriously. Amidst a sea of messages encouraging sobriety and abstinence, the reality is that the students who want to drink are going to find ways to do so. Living Our Values is about self-respect, awareness and honoring the futures these students are working so hard to build.

Binge Thinking spelled out by cups in Benson CenterIn the spirit of Living Our Values, we have introduced Binge Thinking this year as a means of providing an interactive forum where students can express their individual values. By writing what they stand for on the ubiquitous red party cup and placing it alongside those of their classmates, students are celebrating what they stand for, and the idea that values are thicker than alcohol.