Punch Card Events

SYE Punch Card link

Punches earn you exclusive WFU24 Prizes!

For every FIVE events you attend you earn more SYE/WFU’24 swag. Prizes include: SYE notebook/journal (5 events), SYE fanny pack (10 events), WFU24 engraved water bottle (15 events), raffle for multiple gift cards (everyone with 20+ events) and one student will win either an Apple Watch or pair of Beats headphones.


Service and Involvement

  • Involvement Fair (8.31)
  • Hit the Bricks (9.30)
  • Project Pumpkin (10.27)
  • Participate in a Leadership Workshop 
  • Register for a volunteer opportunity through GivePulse (launching in October)

Academic/Personal & Professional Development

  • Study Abroad Fair (9.21) 
  • Career Fair (9.15)
  • Attend a Face to Face event (11.9)
  • Schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor

Intercultural Experiences

  • World Cultural Festival (9. 24)
  • Attend an event offered by one or more of our cultural student groups or departments during one of the observed heritage months (i.e. Harvest Moon Festival, Latinx Heritage Month, Queer History Heritage Month, Judaism & Islam Lunch and Learn, etc.)
  • Participate in an event during International Education Week or the Study Aboard Fair

Campus Traditions/Social

  • Awake All Night (9.25) or Lighting of the Quad (11.30)
  • President’s Ball/Homecoming (10.29)
  •  Pitsgiving (11.18)
  • Annual Lovefeast (12.5)

Deacon Hat Bonus

  • Move In Day visit to WFU’24 Welcome Booth or attend the Sophomore Retreat
  • First Day of Class Cookout with Dr. Wente (Aug. 23rd) 
  • Attend the Leadership Summit or President’s Leadership Conference Sophomore Cohort
  • Wake the Demons Sophomore Tailgate